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  1. Vincesapplemac
    Jun 4, 2009, 1:31 PM

    I keep getting the XML-RPC Error when trying to connect to my blog/post to it

    I know why this is happening as this happened when I previously attempted post to my blog via a flicker api and was wondering if you could assist me.

    The reason I cannot post to my blog is because the xmlrpc.php script used by Wordpress is deliberately disabled through my web hosting company load-balancing software's security rules.

    this is what they had to say on the matter :
    it provides a cross-platform exploit for malicious code injection. While this may have been addressed to some degree by the Wordpress authors, there are still plenty of people using unpatched or older versions of Wordpress that this block remains active.

    It is not our responsibility to patch peoples' wites or scripts, and if they do not do so themselves, we will actively block any reported, known or used exploit by whatever means we decide to be necessary. The security of our systems is our paramount concern, and will remain so

    Anyway I managed to figure out a way to post to my blog with the flick api by renaming the xmlrpc.php file to another name say for instance photo.php and telling the flicker api to post there instead of at xmlrpc.php

    So is there anyway in say the next release of Wordpress for iphone you could allow end-users to choose what the name of the xmlrpc.php will be (if that makes sense).



  2. Just update the RSD information, it's near the top of the xmlrpc.php file. You'll see a line that looks like:

    <api name="WordPress" blogID="1" preferred="true" apiLink="<?php echo site_url('xmlrpc.php') ?>" />

    You'll need to change the xmlrpc.php.php to the new name that you gave it.

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