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  1. I'm getting several NSXMLParserErrorDomain errors trying to add blogs and am unsure what they mean. The first is error 4 for a personal WordPress site:

    Any info on what this actually means so I can resolve it would ne nice.

    Another site is For this one I get NSXMLParserErrorDomain, error 23.

    I've looked at the Dev Center for what these errors mean, but I'm not a developer. In plain language what do these indicate?

    Is it because XML is malformed?

  2. For both and I get back valid XML-RPC response for testing. So I'd suspect that there's a character (or set of characters) that could be throwing off the XML parser in the WP iPhone app. It's also possible that the XML itself is malformed, but without looking at the exact response that caused the error it's hard to say.

  3. For a definition of all the NSXML errors, please take a look at the sticky post at the top of this forum titled "Understanding NSXMLParserErrorDomain errors" You'll be able to find the specific definition for #4 on that post.

    You'll see the error number in the top list and the error description in the second list...

    In your case I believe it's this:


    The document is empty.

    IIRC, I saw this once in association with too many blank lines being returned by the xmlrpc endpoint when returning information... This resolved to an error somewhere inside the custom code on a self-hosted site...

    If you have a mac, HTTP Client is a good tool for testing this... I can send you some sample files... Ping me at john(at)johnbickerstaff(dot)com if you're interested...

  4. Just tried to hit with a test - didn't get a good response... This suggests xmlrpc not turned on or being blocked by server?

  5. Hi jb,

    I've got the same problem on my multisite enabled blog at or, repesctively.
    I get NSXMLParserErrorDomain #23 as error message. Can't find the mentioned sticky unfortunately.
    Can you help me?


  6. Every time I try to add a site, I get a message that says, "XML-RPC endpoint not found. Please enter it manually."
    What the hell does that mean, and how do I comply?

  7. Hi Zett & starpub --

    This is a really old thread when the app was a few versions older too ;)

    Please upgrade to the latest version of the app, 2.6.1, and if you are still having issues, start new threads and include:
    - Steps to reproduce the bug or problem
    - If you are running your site on or self-hosted WordPress ( and which version )
    - if self-hosted WP, which hosting provider
    - The URL to your site


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