WP iOS crashing, photo uploads fail with 500 internal server error

  1. So long story short, or long...

    I have three sites to test with, two self hosted and one hosted at, and here are the issues:

    On my two self-hosted sites, when I try to upload photos (small enough photos, under 100 kb) using WP iOS, the app crashes right after I click Done, before I even click update on the app. Occasionally, rarely, (once, really) when I reinstalled the WP app, I got a 500 internal server error, but no more. When I use another WP uploading app like Poster or PressSync, I consistently get the 500 internal server error, but no crash.

    On the site, the photo uploads and posts go flawlessly.

    Other interesting things to note:

    When I use WP iOS on both of the self hosted sites, it crashes, but on one when I use another app, Poster, for example, the upload works fine. This site is running WP 3.9, whereas the other one, where I get either a crash from WP or a 500 internal server error when using another app, is running WP 4.0.1.

    I have read a bunch of the forums on issues like this, and here is what I've tried:

    It was advised the the page showing Media settings should have values in them. They do. I tried making the values more or less and nothing seemed to help. My maximum upload size is set to 4 MB. My maximum upload size on the iOS app is 1050 pixels.
    I tried activating the JSON jetpack plugin, to no avail.

    I am wondering if there may be some .php file that may need to be altered, based on other comments in the forums, but, although my sites are "self-hosted" I do not have access to these files. I would need to tell my administrators what to try to fix it.

    I know that the WP app works, as it works on the site perfectly, but works on neither of the other two.
    Any guidance or further troubleshooting would be appreciated.

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