WP for IOS / media upload does not support video anymore

  1. Thomas.J.Stalder
    May 25, 2014, 3:14 AM


    I'm on trip in the South Pacific and I try to write my blog with my iPad.
    So far this was ok until I recently installed the newest IOS release of WordPress.
    Upload of media has been messes up since then.

    There's no option anymore to select videos. I was able to do this through the admin interface, but it is much more complicated to embed the file in the text.
    Also the naming convention is completely different. Not nice.

    While before I was able to limit the size of the photos to either side to 420 px (width or length) this is not possible anymore. Portait photos are now 420 px wide and always much longer.

    I guess it is not possible to go to a previous version on my iPad.
    I would like to get the old upload interface on my iPad back.
    Any (other) solution?
    Thanks, Thomas


  2. Hi Thomas,

    The team as a whole has been pretty unsatisfied with the image and video feature in the app, and for a long time we’ve wanted to improve them. Version 4.0.3 includes some of the first improvements we have in store, but focuses just on images. ‘

    We had a tough choice to make since our image improvements didn’t play nice with the existing video feature. In the end, after a lot of thought and a hard look at usage numbers, it was decided to temporarily drop the video feature in order to forge ahead with our image improvements.

    Our plan is to bring back video support in a future release.

    Sorry to catch you by surprise with the change. We hope you’ll be patient with us!

  3. Following up. You can monitor the return of video support here:

  4. I must say I don't understand this decision and am pretty upset with it.
    Wordpress is paid service. Why haven't you kept the old version (even unperfect) and wait until the new video upload product is ready...

    How long have we to wait until the new version ?

    Best regards

  5. Hello,
    It would be very nice if we could have this feature back again very soon. I'm the admin of a school web site, and teachers use the app to post videos on it. They can not do it anymore, and they do not have the skills to do it through the admin panel. How long will we have to wait?

  6. OMG! it was working well for me.. why not make it better and leave te old video upload available.

  7. Quite frankly it's total BS you just did this and didn't even slip it into the release notes. I could not figure out what happened to video. I had to do 4 Google searches before I found any info (which happened to be this thread). It appears this is the only place in the world Wordpress has even acknowledged they did this.

    As a paying Wordpress user (yes I realize I'm probably in the minority), I deserve better. A simple explanation in the release notes would have sufficed.

    Taking out a major feature and then being absolutely silent is no way to treat your users.

  8. This app is complete crap. What kind of amateur hour is it that you couldn't solve the issue and push a full app when it;s ready. Unbelievable. So if you were mechanic - would you take the brakes out of the car and return it until you had them fixed to place back into a vehicle? WRONG.

  9. This is insanity!! Can someone from Wordpress please give us a date on when this will be up and running again and a refund on Video Press? What a joke!

  10. How about a seperate WP app just for video posts? I would really welcome it after having purchased the premium account with video press.

  11. Within our school district the removal of the ability to upload video from iPads has been a real disappointment. It was a great means of students documenting their learning in an effective manner. Is there any time line for this feature to return? We certainly hope it is soon.

  12. Sure why not also take out the ability to upload pictures or maybe even text too while you are at it.
    You got very smart people working on this app.


  13. Hi all, you can follow along with the issue here. There have been significant obstacles making sure the video uploading worked consistently for everyone (it didn't), and so we are taking the time to make sure it works effortlessly for all users.

    Part of the media updates include improving image picking, uploading and sizing. Our goal is to have an app that works well for all our users. In this case, that meant temporarily removing a feature (a decision that wasn't easy to make). Thank you for your patience, and I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for each of you - I like using videos in my posts, too! I look forward to being able to add videos via app (personally, I blog almost exclusively from the app).


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