WP app replaces straight quotes with curly quotes in HTM attributes

  1. Hi all,

    Note: Using the iOS WordPress app.

    When I upload posts to my blog, I refer to use the editor in HTML mode. I copy the post from the Textastic app and paste the HTML into the WordPress editor while it is in HTML mode. I then tap “Update”.

    But, when I go back into the editor and turn on HTML mode, all of the straight dounle quotes in the attr=”Value” in HTML tags with curly duotes. The pages still display correctly. But, if I go into the WP HTML editor, and make changes and go back to the HTML editor, the open and closing curly quotesnare doubled and tripled! Also, attrs with spaces in them are plit up.

    How do I get WP to STOP messing with the HTML code?

    In the past, I have posted here about my annoyance with WP stripping oit the <p>…</p> tags. I resolved this issue by adding class=”p”.


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