WP-Admin site created content not showing up in the iOS app

  1. hangontoyourshortsfilmfestival
    Sep 11, 2020, 1:24 PM

    How to I get ALL my pages created on the WP-Admin desktop webpage editor to show up on the WordPage app? Right now I’m only seeing a handful of the over 70 different published and drafts I usually see in the web builder editor.

    Specifically I’m looking for pages I created, worked on, and published this week with the wp-admin desktop editor?

    I know the app doesn’t have the full bells and whistles of the desktop builder, but I’m just trying to do simple page creations, quick edits and publishing in seconds on my mobile app, but only see a handful of pages that probably were created on that app, but as I said there are still some 50-60 drafts and published pages in my account that I can’t access on my iOS device app.

  2. Hi there!

    The app should be able to show all your pages that have been added from wp-admin. If you're not seeing them, there may be something that is causing these not to load. Were they created using a page builder plugin perhaps, or just with the regular classic editor?

    Is this for a site or a self-hosted site that is connected via Jetpack?

    If you can share the site URL or reach out to us via the app under My Site > Icon with the profile of a person in a circle > Help & Support > Contact Us, we'll be able to help you better there.

    Thank you!

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