WP 2.9.3 crashes when loading comments

  1. A really annoying bug I thought had been eradicated a few versions ago has crept back into the latest version. When you open WP and then click on Comments and it tries to refresh the comment page, the app closes. No way to work on comments using this app.

    Pls get this fixed ASAP. It's terribly annoying.

  2. It's probably a comment that the app isn't handling very well. You can try temporarily trashing a chunk of the comments, then refresh the comments in the app to see if that's true. If you are able to narrow it down, can you send the contents of the comment to us here?

  3. I should add that this occurs only on my iPad, but not in my Droid phone which are using the same app I believe.

    I cannot access the comments at all since as soon as I open them it tries to refresh. The act of refreshing causes the app to crash and knocks me out of it. I can access Posts, Pages, etc. Just not Comments.

  4. Right, I meant to log in to wp-admin and check the comments there. Look for any that have strange characters in them.

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