Wordpress iPhone app when site has password protected WP-Admin folder

  1. I password protected the wp-admin folder and believe that this is the cause of why I can’t connect to this site with the WP. any advice would be appreciated

  2. This sounds like it's definitely the problem, but I can run a test to make sure. Could you please share the name of your site with me? Including the full URL with "https://" (example:

  3. Thank you!


  4. Oh, I also changed the default logon path/url

  5. Yep, so the configuration here is definitely an issue. I ran your site through our mobile validator at and it returned the following error:

    "1000000 Sorry, we cannot find the RSD Endpoint link in the src code of the page. The RSD document contains the URL to the XML-RPC endpoint."

    The mobile app needs to be able to find your site's XML-RPC file, that's how the app communicates with your site. I'm not 100% sure if it's the password protected wp-admin or the change from the default path but it can't find that file. also returns page not found.

  6. Thanks so much. Maybe future enhancement would be manual settings for PW protected sites along with custom logon urls.

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