WordPress iPhone app keeps Draft date instead of Published date

  1. Latest iOS 16.6.1 app keeps Draft date instead of Published date. I started writing a blog post on iOS with some Draft saves, then continued on regular WordPress (online) because the app is still not perfect. After publishing, the posts was Published "5 hours ago" which is the date when I started writing a blog. So I had to Edit the post and set a different (actual) date and time.

  2. i have a similar issue with my self-hosted site. i start a post in the app and finish it and publish it on my computer. the app continues to leave it in the “drafts” section and shows it isn’t published. i’ve tried signing out and back in to no avail. posts from the app carry over to my site so it’s not that issue.

  3. Hi there, @viktorhanacek

    That's expected either in the app or directly on your browser: if you save your post as a draft instead, it will keep the old date until you change it manually. The solution here is to schedule the post to a future date and keep on editing until it gets automatically published.

    @erichassan, yours is a different issue so whenever possible, please try to create a new topic or reach out to us from the app via Help & support > Contact support.

    Thank you!

  4. So when I start writing a post which is finished two months later, it’s published with the T minus two months date? No, this is not how I expect to get “Published date”, Published date should be Published date. Nothing else.

  5. Hi again

    This is something that's being discussed for the WordPress core in a few places. I share two of them below:


    In this case, it's first important to get to a consensus for WordPress in general so this gets automatically applied to the apps.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

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