Wordpress iOS4 invisible chars and freezing when posting

  1. I have iOS4 (8A293) on my iPhone 3GS, a self hosted wordpress 2.9.2 installation and the latest iphone app. I have 2 problems

    1. when typing a comment reply after approx 2 lines the characters start to become invisible (the upper 2 lines are still black), only the lower lines are white text on white background
    2. when 1) happens and I try to post anyway then the progress screen "Saving reply" will come up and never go away anymore. On my server the response is actually submitted but the only way to get the progress away is to reboot the phone.

  2. Same thing for me its very annoying. I can't use the app anymore.
    I have iOS 4.1 8B117 and use it in french.

    Any work in progress on this ?

    I can give help to reproduce if needed.

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