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  1. I am updated to iPhone software 2.2.1 and the Wordpress app 1.21 on the iPhone and running the current install of wordpress on my self-hosted blog. When I try to make a post that includes photos, 99% of the time the app will freeze when I press save and do one of the following: 1. Lock up my whole phone completely, if I wait long enough my phone restarts on it's own (a real restart black screen and apple logo) 2. Crash just the wordpress app after a couple minutes, the app closes and I am at my phones home screen. It doesn't matter whether I am saving to Drafts or Published status. I never had any problems with posting prior to the 1.21 update (with the exception of the image rotation issue in 1.20). I have tried removing the blog and re-adding it, and the problem still persists. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

  2. also iPhone is NOT jailbroken

  3. Is no one else having this problem? This is killing me. This was my most used app before this started happening. Now every time I try to use it the app crashes or my phone locks up. Someone? Anyone?

  4. @brkyle --

    which version of WordPress are you running ? And do you have any plugins installed that may interfere ? Have you reviewed the list here ?

  5. Blog is running wordpress 2.71
    blog address is
    I recorded a video of the app crashing when I try to save a post as a local draft.
    The post consisted of a Title one line of body text and 6 pictures added from the iPhones library (and previously taken with the iPhone)
    Video of crash is here:

  6. @brkyle --

    thanks for all the info.

    Does it crash if adding just one photo ?

    Also do you have a blog you could test this with ? I'm trying to see if the issue is specific to your blog, or maybe something else on the iPhone is conflicting with it -- in which case the blog would have the same issue.

  7. @raanan
    It seems to work with 1-2 photos most of the time, 3 photos some of the time, and 4 or more photos rarely. I created a blog to test with and the crash still occurs. I had no problems with the previous version of wordpress for the iphone (sometimes adding as many as 12 photos). I have made no changes or added any more apps since I upgraded the wordpress app.

  8. @raanan
    Now this is interesting. I've been using the app with resize photos turned OFF. I decided to try it with resize photos turned ON and it seems to be working. I would definately prefer if it worked with fullsize images, but at least this may be some indication of the problem?

  9. @brykle -

    interesting, thanks for doing all the testing. Since the resize option is new, turning it "on" would mimic how it worked in the previous version.

    I've opened up a ticket here: to have the developers take a closer look.

  10. Hi there,

    I have a blog and had been experiencing the same exact issues since last update. Now, the app is in complete lockdown. I uploaded a post a couple of days ago without any pictures because of the crashing issues, then went to the web browser to edit the post (wanted to change the date of the post). When I opened the app again after that edit, I opened the blog, then hit "posts" and after displaying the list of posts for a second, the app closed and sent me back to the home screen. It now does that every time I open the posts.

    It looks like someone else is having this exact same issue of the app crashing every time we open the posts (see post on this forum dated May 15 or 16 by a Susan, I think).

    Please help us! I can't wait to use this app again :0)


  11. @amisimkiss -- did updating to the new version of the app help ?

    @brkyle - the next release should have a fix for the multiple photos issues, it's in trunk right now if you'd like to test it with the simulator:

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