Wordpress for Iphone version 2.2.x?

  1. Is there any way to make the Wordpress app work with system 2.2.x? I've got an original iphone and am really solid on 2.2.x.


  2. Same issue here. This blog post seems to imply that you can download WordPress for iPhone 1.3 even if you don't have iPhone OS 3.0:

    However, when I try to download 1.3 from the App store, I get a message that OS 3.0 is required.

  3. I believe some code slipped into the current version of the app that only works on OS 3.0. As the post mentions going forward releases will only support OS 3.x so there won't be any support for OS 2.x.

  4. Anyone have the old version's ipa?

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