WordPress for iOS crashes when uploading a photo

  1. Good morning!

    I'm using WordPress 6.6 for iOS on an iPhone 6 running iOS 10.1.1 with the self-hosted I've used the app in the distant past and it worked fine.

    Yesterday, however, I returned to it and tried to upload a photo into a blog post. After selecting the photo, a grayed-out version of it would appear in the post with "Uploading..." at the top. A blue progress bar appears, but just as it's about to be completed, the app crashes.

    I deleted and reinstalled the app and also did a soft reset of my iPhone. Neither worked.

    How can I upload photos via the app? Thanks!

  2. Hey Zach! Can you do me a favor and see if you can pull off a crash report from your device? There's a couple different ways to do it - one is by using Xcode the other is right on the device but it's sort of clumsy because you have to select a huge block of text with dragging because there is no Select All. Do you have Xcode on a Mac at all?

  3. Thanks Aaron! Unfortunately I don't have Xcode on my Mac. Please let me know how else I can proceed. Thanks again!

  4. Drat! No worries! This procedure works well, but it's just a bit awkward to select & copy the crash report.

    1. Go into the Settings app, then Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage (way at the bottom) > Diagnostics & Usage Data.
    2. Find any entry starting with WordPress (the most recent the better) & tap on it.
    3. In this screen you'll need to copy all the text and paste it into an e-mail. Do a long press anywhere in the text box to show the selection cursor. Make sure to drag the start all the way to the beginning. Then drag the end selector down down down down down until the end. Once everything is selected, tap Copy.
    4. Open your e-mail app and compose a new message. Paste the crash report into the message body. Make the subject line something like "Crash report from WP Forums". Send it to me at and ping me back here when it's off. I'll check our ticket system for that e-mail.

    Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

  5. Thanks Aaron! I just emailed it to you,

  6. Zach - I forgot to mention I got the crash forwarded to me via e-mail. Will let you know what I find out!

  7. Great, thank you Aaron!

  8. Hope all is well Aaron! Just wanted to follow up and see if there's any more info I could send you that could help. Thanks!

  9. Hey Zach! Sorry for the delay getting back to you - I was able to get the crash report deciphered and figured out where the app was crashing. Are you still running into the issue? Can you verify

    Want to try this with the 6.8 beta? If you do, join the TestFlight program here and I'll send out an invite to install it. Let me know if it's happening there too.

    I've logged an issue on GitHub and I will provide the details you've given me. I'm going to try and reproduce it myself now that I know where it's crashing.


  10. Thanks for all of your help Aaron! i just tested it again and, yes, the problem still occurs. Happy to test the 6.8 beta ap, thanks for asking. I just completed the form.

  11. Just installed the 6.8 beta, problem still occurred (sent a crash report as well). Thanks!

  12. Zach - still working on fixing this issue. Thanks for trying out 6.8! Holidays got in the way :)

  13. Thanks for the update Aaron!

  14. Just wanted to let you know that I updated WordPress to but still had the crash. Thanks again for all of your help!

  15. Thanks Zach! I need to go back to your crash report to make sure I really understand what's happening there then. I appreciate the feedback. Will let you know!

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