WordPress app on iPad keeps crashing

  1. I’ve just updated my iPad to iPadOS 13.2.3 and now the WordPress app keeps crashing. If I swipe up to reveal all running apps it appears to be still running in the background but if I select it it still crashes. Hope there is an update soon to fix this as it is seriously hindering my blogging having to use a browser!

  2. what tool do you use to develop for ios app?

  3. Hi there!

    @peregrine99, I apologies for any delays in following up with you about this. I hope you've been able to get this resolved by now.

    What I would suggest is that you try re-installing the app. The app is definitely compatible with the latest version of iOS and it shouldn't be crashing when you try to use it.

    If you're still running into this problem with the app crashing, please reach out to us so we can look into this further with you? You can find us in the app under Me > Help & Support > Contact Us or by email if this isn't accessible at

    @hanjisun, There are several tools we use to build WordPress for iOS but the main one is Xcode. You can find more information in the app's Github repository and in the mobile handbook.

    Thank you!

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