Wordpress app for IOS doesnt work properly

  1. johnhuynhmiame
    Jun 22, 2018, 2:30 PM

    I cannot get my wordpress app to work properly. I am subscribed to two blogs and only two posts will open from "one" of the blogs on my iphone 5. Even then, I scroll down, and its just blank.

    I have the most recent of the wordpress app, and ive tried restarting my phone several times. I cant even get one of the blogs to show up on my iphone when it shows up fine on my computer. So, I know something is seriously wrong with the app.

    I keep trying to "add a site" and put in my username/password and the website for the second blog I follow (that wont show up), and it just flashes and goes back to my home screen. No idea whats wrong.

  2. Hi there @johnhuynhmiame!

    Before I can try and replicate this issue on my end, I'd like to get as much details as possible. When you say that you are subscribed to blogs, do you mean that you have user roles on these sites such as an admin, editor, etc?

    On the other hand, where do you scroll down and get this blank or no results screen? Is it in the Reader or when you go to My Sites > Blog Posts maybe?

    If you let me know the site's addresses (URL) (starting with http://), I'll be more than happy to help from there.

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