Wordpress app doesn't show pictures

  1. Hi,

    When opening te WordPress app and going to BlogMessages no pictures are shown in the overviel of all blogposts.
    Seems like it is not downloading the pictures from the server. I’m only seeing a gray square and the text belonging to the posts.

    Anyone out there willing to help me fix this issue in the app or on the server?
    I’m out of options.

    Thanks upfront.

  2. Hey there,

    This is something we've seen before, could you please go to "Help & Support" (on the "Me" tab - the person icon) and tap on "Contact us". You can also email us at

    Contacting us through the app allows us to get a better idea of which version of the app you're using, and which iOS version you have. It's also easier to share your logs with us privately.

    When you reach out, If you can also provide a screenshot and/or describe any error messages you're seeing, that would be helpful as well.

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