Wordpress App crashing

  1. Just updated your iOS app, keeps crashing on startup.

  2. Thank you for the report—we're looking into it!

    Would you be able to post a bit more detail about your device such as what phone you are using and the version of iOS you are current running? It may help in case we need to look for a trend.

    I did try testing version 13.0 of the iOS app on my iPhone 6S iOS 12.4 just now, and it didn't crash in my case so I'm looking for any details about how to trigger the crash that I might be missing when testing from my end.

  3. If there's any chance you remember what part of the app you were using before you the crash started happening, could you let me know?

    I found one case where there was a crash reported after viewing Stats > Insights but that one was worked on and had a potential bug fix go through (reference) so it may be something else in your case.

  4. Hi,

    I am running iOS 12.4 on an iPhone 5s.

    I can’t remember which part of the app I was using but was working perfectly prior to the most recent update. The app stays on the start up screen for around 15 seconds before closing.

  5. Thank you for the extra info! We're still searching for why some phones are crashing when the app launches and some are not.

    If there's any chance that all you can get to the activity logs and get a copy of them from the Help & Support section, please do let me know! If not, we'll keep searching for the source of the problem with others as well.

  6. Hi,

    Just to let you know that deleting the app then reinstalling it fixed the issue, hopefully this might work for anyone else having this issue.

    I couldn't access the activity logs before I deleted the app as I couldn't access any part of the app unfortunately.

  7. Thanks for the update!

  8. I deleted it and re-installed but its still crashing and crashing. Using on iPhone 6.

  9. Hi John,

    May I ask for a bit more information?

    Could you double check and let us know the version of the app? If the app will launch without crashing you should be able to find the version under Me > Help & Support. Otherwise just let us know if its the one currently available in the App Store.

    Also, when exactly does the crash occur? Is it happening when trying to launch the app? Is it happening on a specific screen? Are you able to open the app and use it a little bit before a crash happens?

    The more details you can provide the more likely we'll be able to help!


  10. Hi Eric
    Thank you for your message. The app version which is available, I just downloaded it. It crashes when I open it, the opening screen appears and it crashes.

  11. Thanks John. Could you let us know which version of iOS is currently installed on your iPhone 6?

    This is a tricky one so I've opened an issue to track it. You can follow our progress here:

  12. Hello Eric
    The iOS version on my iPhone is 12.4.2
    Sure I’ll follow the progress.

  13. I just installed WordPress 13.6 on mi iPhone and now it crashes at startup (after a few seconds of blue screen with WordPress logo)

  14. We've made some recent updates to try to help the reported cases of crash on startup for the WordPress iOS app, and we're seeing a lot fewer reports now. 😅

    It's still possible we haven't fixed every possible case though. May I ask if you are still experiencing this after updating to version 14.2 of the app and if you are could you re-confirm your device type and iOS version? Thank you!

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