Wordpress 2. New posts do not get saved

  1. When creating a new 'local draft' post, after I've typed some text in, when I select save it jumps back to lost of posts but the new one is not there. Rather frustrating if you've just typed in a whole host of text!

  2. I am having this issue as well. I simply don't know where to look for the Local Drafts - there is no folder or anything, so the post seems to disappear out in the open.

    Using iPhone 3.0, Wordpress-in-iPhone 2.0, selfhosted wordpress 2.8.4.

    Where are the Local Drafts supposed to be found? Because they might be there, I simply cannot see them. Have created a 5,6 small new posts, all saved to Local Draft, but I cannot find any of them.

    Thanks in advance

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