Why arn't Pending posts available in the iOS app?

  1. Wordpress is set up such that contributors can submit pending posts, and these posts are reviewed and published by an admin.

    I would like to be able to review pending posts using the iOS app. However the app only shows Published, Draft, Scheduled and Binned posts.

    Should Pending posts be available to the iOS app? And if so, what could be preventing access?

  2. Hi Andrewharvey

    Pending posts should appear under the Draft selector and include a label that says "Pending review" just below the date. For a hosted blog with multiple users, the post list in the app should include a toggle to show everyone's posts, or just your posts. I'm guessing you have a self-hosted blog and the toggle between just your posts and everyone's posts isn't available.

    This is a feature that has only been available to blog hosted at due to some limitations with the XML-RPC API available for self-hosted blogs. However, at this point we might be able to enable the feature for self-hosted blogs using Jetpack. The Jetpack plugin let's the iOS app communicate with your blog via the API instead of the blog's XML-RPC API, thus getting around some of those limitations. We can look into it and see what's possible.

    Let me know if I've guessed wrong and your blog is actually hosted at That would probably mean we have a bug somewhere.


  3. Hi Eric

    Thanks for the details answer and explanation.

    I am indeed on a self-hosted blog. I have enabled Jetpack. Is the "JSON API" Jetpack setting likely to have any impact on this issue? Should this setting be enabled or disabled?

    Thanks for your guidance!

  4. Hi @andrewharvey,

    The JSON API setting does not have an impact on this particular issue, I'm sorry to say.

    Good thought just the same.

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