Where's the "Continue reading" button in the new iOS app?

  1. Up until a couple of versions ago on the iOS WordPress app, there was a button located with the buttons for inserting links etc, that would insert the text and code "Continue reading..." in a blogpost. That button seem to have disappeared, or is it just me going blind...?


  2. Hi Eivind,

    When the new visual editor was introduced the team considered what features to keep in the toolbar. We felt it important to bring back the buttons for lists as many users had missed them. We also wanted to make it easier to add photos while editing, so it was important to add the photo button to the toolbar as well. Since there is limited space in the toolbar we had to prioritize what buttons we could show. The "Continue Reading" button was one of the least used features in the editor so it was removed in favor of the newer features.

    You can manually add a "Continue Reading" feature by tapping the "HTML" button in the editor to switch from visual mode, to code mode. Then insert the following snippet where you would like the button to appear:
    <!-- more -->

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the reply. I have been inserting that text by copying/pasting from previous blogposts, but find it a bit cumbersome. Especially since the new version is supposed to be more wysiwyg'ish and visually oriented. A bit strange really that this was one of the least used buttons, when you see how many blogs actually use the "Continue reading" type of functionality...

    Crossing my fingers that it will reappear in future versions of an otherwise great app.


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