Where are my posts?

  1. Everything was working fine last week, now when I got to my app to add media, it shows my last post was from 2018. Granted, I don’t post often, but I know I’m not missing two years worth of updates and posts.

    How can I get them back?

  2. Hi there!

    That doesn't sound right, I wonder if perhaps your connection to the site got interrupted somehow.

    Would you be able to share how your site is connected to the app? Are you using Jetpack or is it a self-hosted site connected with your site address?

    If you're using Jetpack, can you try reconnecting it to see if it helps?

    When you log in from the browser, are you seeing all of your content still or is the issue similar there?

    Feel free to share your site address with us or reach out directly from the app by going to Me (the icon with your profile picture in the top right corner when you have a site selected under My Sites) and then navigating to Help & Support > Contact Us.

    Thank you!

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