We're not able to connect to the . . .

  1. Trying to set up the app. I've used various versions of site address. With www, without, with https:// and without.

    The message is confusing. "We're not about to connect to the Jetpack site at that URL. Contact us for assistance." Is JetPack a mandatory plugin for this to work? This part of the support page implies (If your blog uses the JetPack plugin as opposed to it must) it's an option but not required - copy/past:

    "To access a blog that is self-hosted, select “Add Self-Hosted Site,” then enter the username, password, and URL associated with that blog. (If your blog uses the Jetpack plugin, you can log in on the main screen with the username and password you used to set up Jetpack.)"

    Any help appreciated.

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