Weird issue: certain files won't upload on ios app but will on web

  1. Hi guys,

    I've encountered a weird issue that I never had before - I've been using ios app to write personal posts to my own self managed blog (on aws) for the past few years, but after upgrading to iphone 6s, I found I can't upload a few files to the blog - and this only happens on the app, it just says 'fail' in the image.

    I then imported the image on computer and tried to upload via web interface, it's all fine.

    But the problem is, I can't really use the web admin to write posts, I recently upgraded to 4.4, and the JS is broken, I can't insert any media at all... I can only upload the images, then it's stuck there.

    However, certain images can still be uploaded via the app, but this is inconsistent - sometimes the photos I took with the app can upload, and sometimes photos I download from the internet may upload, but other times none of these will work... I've set the upload size to 100M so apparently it's not really a size issue I think.

    Can devs please help? Thanks!

  2. Hi!

    Can you try changing the max upload size for the images (Me -> Account Settings)? Let us know if that allows you to upload images!

  3. Hi Jeremy, thanks but I've already changed max size to 100 m and it didn't work... However it's fine when using a web browser instead of the app.

  4. Find the issue! It was nginx settings. All good now

  5. Great! Please let us know if you need anything else.

  6. Hi @toughgamer

    Happy to hear things got sorted out.

    I was wondering if the nginx setting change was something you'd be willing to share so others might benefit from your experience?


  7. Yes of course, by default nginx has a small max upload setting and iPhone 6s photos are unable to go through. To increase it, in the server conf, add
    client_max_body_size 100M
    Which increase it to 100 m, and this should cover even short videos.

  8. Thanks toughgamer!

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