We need auto-correct

  1. We really need AutoCorrect on the iPhone and the iPad! It's gotten to the point where I can't even type anything via my device. And since it appears that word press is very concerned about things looking good on our devices, that should be a must! It takes way too long to respond to comments or do anything on the devices without AutoCorrect.

  2. Thanks, LauraMacky. Its something we can look into. In the meantime, you might be happy to hear that we've enabled support for auto-complete for comments. I know its not quite the same thing but it should make replying a bit quicker. Look for this in version 4.7.


  3. I'm not sure I understand what you mean? What does that do? Sorry I don't understand,

  4. I understood AutoCorrect to mean a feature that would highlight spelling mistakes and offer suggestions for a correction, similar to the feature in word processors like Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages. Maybe you meant something different?

    Auto-complete is an Apple feature that tries to guess which word your typing, and displays likely matches above the keyboard as you type. We'd previously had this feature disabled for the comments text field but it should be enabled in the new release.

    Hope this helps makes things clearer!

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