Visual Editor not functioning OS X El Capitan

  1. All Post and Page visual editors not functioning for 2-3 days.
    Very latest IOS update has not resolved the issue.
    Text editor works
    Home Page and Headline fonts have changed.

    This ONLY happens using Chrome Browser.
    On Safari all works perfectly ??!

  2. Hi @gosouthonline

    I'm not sure if you're asking about an issue with the iOS app, something that's only happening in the Chrome browser, or something that's happening in the latest version of OS X. It would be helpful if you could described exactly the issue you're seeing, where the problem is occurring, and the steps we could take to try to reproduce the problem.


  3. Thanks Eric!

    Until a short while ago I have had absolutely NO problems with my Genesis WP theme (should that be relevant?) in the Chrome browser. Now I am unable to access the visual editor at all - on any post or page - yet the text editors works fine. Media images will not place in visual editor either.

    This is not the case on our Windows 10 PC - all works fine (although in the "All Posts" list ends up in lists on single digits (i.e. it only allows one character per line) - same problem on the Mac.

    So far, SAFARI works perfectly with no problems.

    The problem occurred prior to the latest IOS update.

    Thank you!

  4. PS. All the MENU and Headline fonts have also changed - in Chrome on the Mac only!

  5. Yaaayyy!!

    Eric, someone just has done 'something' and somehow all is working as it should on Chrome again!

    Thank you :-)

  6. Hi gosouthonline

    Thanks for following up. I'm not sure what the problem could have been, but happy to hear everything is working now. :)


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