Viewing posts adds return characters for visual line breaks

  1. I've noticed that any time I view a post, the app will break my text up with actual line breaks where lines break visually on the iPhone screen. It's adding return characters (or perhaps something hidden, I was told "control characters" can be an issue as well).

    This happens just by viewing a post, and hitting cancel. The app "publishes" something when I hit cancel (which is odd in itself).

    I've only tested this with a .com blog. I did recently start using a third-party app to post (the Poster app), but I tested with new posts created on the desktop browser, saved, then opened with the official WP app and I see the hard returns added. Happens without fail.

  2. Hi, did you press return or just typed a long string of text? Not sure what you mean by "break visually".

    It seems to work fine for me

    Can you post or link some sample content that does this?

  3. No I did not type returns. I created posts on the desktop web browser, then when I edit the post or even view it on the iOS app, the line breaks that you see due to the width of the iPhone screen become actual hard line break (paragraph returns) in the post code.

    I tested this a few times with the same result. If I view a post on the iOS app, the post gets updated and the lines will have hard codes returns that look the same as the line breaks when previewing the post on the app.

  4. I, too, have the same problem. The post looks fine until I hit the Edit button. The all hell breaks loose. Spurious line breaks get inserted all over the place.

  5. I'm experiencing the same problem.

  6. Glad to hear it isn't just me. I've been using the Poster app without issue, although that app is no longer available since the developer and the app were acquired by Wordpress.

    I've stopped using the official app except to deal with comments.

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