Video Resizing for Uploads

  1. It appears that the Wordpress iOS App resizes videos before uploading them. Is there any way to control what size it uploads to (or prevent resizing at all)?

  2. Take a look at the app settings in 'Settings'->'WordPress'->'Video Quality'

  3. Hey, first: thanks, developers, for this wonderfull app!

    I also have an issue with resizing. In the aforementioned settings I can chose between Low, Medium 640x480 and High. The Problem I have: With "Medium" the file-size is smaller (approx. 4 MB for a 20 second clip) but the resolution is higher (1280x720). The resolution in my case is too high, I use the Viper's Video Quicktags Plugin and if I chose the "Medium" (1280x720) resolution I don't see any of the buttons because my blog won't have enough space.

    If I chose the 640x480 however, the size is great and I would like to keep it - but the file-size is double of 1280x720.

    Any idea what might be the problem?



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