Version 2.9 - Crash report

  1. I just upgraded to the latest version (2.9). It crashes each and every time I switch to comments and begins to sync. I've tried wi-fi connections (thinking it may be related to the # of comments, over two thousand over the past 3 days) as well as cellular.

  2. I just updated onto my iPad and it crashes every time I click the name of my blog

  3. Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again? That might freshen up the local db and get it working again for you.

  4. I saw the crash happening live for a user the other day. If he waited until posts sync was completed before switching to comments it didn't crashed. Also, visiting a different blog "fixed" the crash.

    I tried to get a crash log from his phone but there was nothing there.

    Can you check this and see if you can send us a crash log?

  5. Cant even add my self hosted Wordpress blog using Wordpress iPhone app. Type in URL, Username,and password and it spins like its thinking for a minute and the crashes. Over and over and over..... Anyone have any help for me?? Have all newest versions. Worked fine up until about a month ago. Stopped working so I uninstalled and reinstalled and now this is what I get.

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