Version 10.1 from June crashes than ever before

  1. Hello AUTOMATIC Guys,
    About a lot of years I use the App meanwhile, and was Always happy. But the newest Version 10.1 is a real Desaster.

    I mostley use the app to set my pages and articles in over 10 Blogs new. In the earlyer versions this works great. But now the Problem is ,beneath that I need more and more steps to get a new date for an article or site, that the app completly close black and i have to start new.

    So now a days , i have to enter a lot of crash Reports, but dont get a new date on my articles.

    It would be very nice, if your the development will spent an eye,on a much more easyer way to Change the date of pages and article.

    By the way, the new Version is a lot slower Connection to Server and Blogs running https.

  2. Hi there Jazzie!

    Thanks for your feedback. It could be possible for you to contact us through the help section that's in the app itself? To do so, open the app and tap on "Me > Help & Support > Contact Us". Once there, send us a message and one of us in the mobile team will reach out to you.

    That's our best chance to help you with all of this and see what's going on with the app.

    Let me know if you have more questions!

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