Using custom login path and Google Authenticator

  1. Hi,

    On one of my websites I'm using a plugin that changes the log in path (from into a custom link) and I'm also using two step authentication with Google Authenticator. In this situation, is there any way to manage my website via the iOS WordPress app?

  2. Hi there @zimbrul,

    If you'd like to manage your self hosted site with the iOS app and your current site setup, you can install the Jetpack plugin. After you install Jetpack, you'll be prompted to create, or log in with, a account. This will then enable SSO.

    Once you are all set with this, go back to the app, use the site address option to add your site. For this option, enter the username, password, and URL associated with that site. As your site will now be connected to Jetpack, you will also need to provide your login information.

    Basically, by using the same log-in credentials you use for, you’ll be able to register for and sign in to self-hosted sites quickly and securely in our mobile apps.

    Here's more information about SSO:

    Let me know how it went :)

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