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  1. hi guys
    I just started up in iPin pro theme (pinterest clone). Its a blog site where you can set up user accounts and post things. the login for a user works on a computer, but when a user want to login through a mobile or tablet, the site writes "blocked". no plugin has been used.

    you can try out yourself



    hope you have some suggestions :)

  2. The WordPress app requires a service called XML-RPC on your server, which it uses to communicate with your site. I tried checking your site in our XML-RPC validator here:

    It returns a 405 error, which indicates that the site's server didn't allow the XML-RPC request.

    Could you please check with your web hosting provider to find out if they support XML-RPC on your site?

  3. I've spent many hours and hours trying to get my iPad WordPress app to connect to

    I tried the validator Rachel listed and I received a 403 error.
    I've disabled all plugins and the X Theme builder, tried the plugin to change the xml-rpc file name, made sure the information is entered correctly.
    I contacted my hosting provider, MacHighway, and they just replied "not our problem, you'll have to contact WordPress."

    How do I get this working? Thank you!

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