Use GPS. Embed maps.

  1. Hi all. There is no way I can be the first to recommend this, however, a search of the forums yeilded no results. I would really like to see the iPhone app utilize the GPS capability of the phone to be able to embed a (google?) map into a post.

    I imagine this feature would be cool/useful for people blogging about a trip, to give readers a sense of where the actual posts are being written from.


  2. It's been thought about, and it just might happen. But all things take time.

  3. I've recently been traveling through Europe and have been using Google's static maps API to embed maps of sites on my blog ( for example) with pretty good results. My (less than optimal) process is this:

    1) Use Google Earth to find the GPS coodinates of where I am at. Sadly I couldn't find a great app that does only this. 'Here I Am" is okay, but doesn't let you directly copy the GPS coordinates to the iPhone's clipboard. You have to compose a dummy email with using the "Email" feature in the app. It does however give you the GPS coordinates in decimal which is nice (and necessary for static maps API). I unfortunately don't have an international data plan though so I have to do most of this when I get to a wifi hotspot which makes using "Here I Am" alltogether pointless for this.

    2) Use the calculator app to convert the GPS coordinates in Google Earth from minutes/seconds to decimal. and copy these numbers (to about 5 decimal places) to the notepad app.

    3) Use notepad app to construct a static map API URL and test by copying to a safari browser. This is annoying because i have to copy/paste around the super long API key all the time.

    4) Finally embed the link as an <img> tag in the blog post.

    This process as you can imagine takes quite a while and is extremely error prone. But it does look really good. Anyone interested in brainstorming some integration of this type of use case and collaborating on some code?

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