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  1. I just updated my Wordpress site to the newest version, and I also upgraded the Wordpress app to the newest version. Now every upload fails. When I edit a post or page, or even just view it, and the app tries to upload it, the upload always fails, every single time. Also, when I create a new post or page, and the upload fails, it creates several duplicate pages. What is going on?

  2. Anybody? Wordpress app always fails to upload posts/pages....

  3. Did you change your password recently?

    Can you send us a log file to help debug this problem?

  4. Yes, I did change my password recently. And user name. I have the log file. Shall I just paste it here?

  5. You can send the log to mobile AT

  6. Thanks Jorge! I just sent it.

  7. Hi, this seems to be a bug in WordPress.

    If you go to your media library, do you see any broken images? This seems to be cause by an image object with an empty URL. Deleting or fixing that image might fix it.

    If you can edit your PHP configuration, setting "display_errors = Off" should take care of the problem.

    Just to figure out how this happened, did you upgrade from 3.5 to 3.5.1, or from an older version?

  8. Actually, no, there are no broken images in my media library. I have, though, seen a broken image when saving a widget's settings; the circlular loading/saving icon that appears next to save button of the widget sometimes doesn't appear, and the missing/broken file image displays instead. Also, sometimes instead of seeing my stats line graph up in the toolbar, it shows a broken image icon, too.

    Right now, however, I could not recreate these instances. But I did change my PHP config and turned display_errors off. I had to delete, reinstall, and re-signin to the app, and now it works! Strange.

    I upgraded from 3.5 to 3.51. I always have the latest version.

  9. This issue is hard to track. It can be that this was an issue in WordPress 3.2 and still causing an issue because the database doesn't has all the information. It also can be an issue caused by a plugin. Hopefully we can make some changes in 3.6 to prevent that the app stops working.

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