1. I'm sorry but uploading video does not work with your iOS app.
    I'm running iOS 6 with latest Wordpress 3.4.2

    I changed the htaccess file, I changed the php.ini file, tried it while in the wp-admin folder, tried it with a single php.ini for the whole site.

    When I go to import a wordpress site, I see the 128Megs limit so it's seeing the limit but I still can't upload a little under a minute movie from the app. It seems like this has been going on for a while.

    Would there be another "work around" that actually works ?

  2. Hello Wordpress support,

    I am haviing exactly the same problem. Ihave a 96mb upload limit, nevertheless I canĀ“t get anything but a few seconds uploaded - "upload failed".

    Any suggestions from wordpress? Seems like a few people are experiencing this problem. Due to the fact that I am mainly uploading from iOS devices, my possibilities are quite impaired with this problem.

    Uploads via Web Interface are not a problem.

    Thanx for some answers!,

  3. Hi, can you try getting a log file for us?


  4. Hi Jorge,

    Was finally able to get a log file. Took me some time, biut now i've got it. Where can I send it too? Have looked into the file and found following message pertaining to the problem:

    "2013-03-24 11:41:54 +0000 Blog returned invalid data (URL:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 83886080 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 9762990 bytes) in /customers/a/b/7/ on line 384"

    Obviously some memory error. Interestingly @ 1/10 of the allowed memory. Upload works fine from PC, so physical memory should not be the problem...

    I can send the log file, or post it here - pls advise, as it is lenghty.

    Greeting, Alex

  5. Hi, no need to upload the log as that line seems to be it.

    The mobile apps use a different mechanism to upload images and video, and it's more memory intensive

    Check this post to see how to configure PHP to use more memory:

  6. Hello Jorge, gives me 80mb of "memory_limit". Shouldn't that be enough?

    How much does the app need? Since there is no way to up the limit @ - this would make me have to change provider.

    pls. advise,

  7. ...and adding to that: how can this be with the above statement :" (tried to allocate 9762990 bytes)"...vs. 80mb limit???


  8. Hi, you might want to try the following before giving up on your provider:

    There's no easy way to say how much memory the app needs, since it's going to depend on what you are trying to upload

    As a very rough calculation (which might not be close to reality):

    * On iPhone 4S, 1080p video, it's 3 MB per second of video
    * That is converted to Base64 for the upload so it grows by 33%: 4MB
    * Looking at WordPress code, the request gets duplicated in memory at least once

    So that's about 8MB per second of video, plus the usual WordPress memory requirements.

    I'm looking at ways to get around providers' tight memory limits, as this is becoming a common problem with phones doing HD video and 8MP cameras.

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