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  1. Hi there.

    Sometimes when I try to load a photo on the iOS app, instead of getting the greyed out picture and a blue progress bar, it just says 'Uploading' at the top left and nothing happens. When I try to use the X to cancel the upload, it tells me that uploading is in progress and to wait; I get the same message if I try to post, which is fair enough. However, even if I wait for 10 minutes, nothing happens. The only way to move forward is to hard close the app.

    I'm running version 6.8 on iPad mini 2.

    Any suggestions as to how to conquer this?


  2. Hi @gypsyjackson

    This sounds like there might be a glitch in our editor. Sorry about that.

    If it happens again, it might be helpful to have a look at the app's activity logs to see if there are any clues as to what's going on. We have an FAQ you can follow showing where to find the activity logs in the app. Its important that the "Extra Debug" setting is turned on *before* the glitch occurs so the log can record as much information as possible.

    It would also be helpful to know any details you can share about the post you were writing. An exact copy of the text would be ideal, but just telling us what language you were writing in and whether you'd typed any custom HTML (and what it was) could be helpful.

    We're tracking the issue here if you'd like to follow along with our progress:


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