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  1. Dear Devs

    Currently, as of version 2.9.1, one is able to upload photo quickly with "Photo" button on app's homescreen. It uploads single image.

    For uploading bunch of images at a time, I have to go in the blog's category, push the "new post" button on top right hand corner and add images one by one; which takes a lot of time.

    (The situation: My research institute has set up a wordpress based data collection server consisting of a shared WiFi network and iPhones for 13 of the researchers. Everyone on team has to upload readings via post; where title says category and reading and time-stamped images act as proof. A "post"(one reading) consists of 10-50 images at a time.)

    The request: There should be a way to select certain number of photos in Camera roll to upload to a post.



  2. My request has the same title as this request but is a bit different. I want the ability to upload multiple images so that I can upload my main image along with a smaller version of the image. The smaller size image is what would be In the body of the page and the original size is what it would be linked to. That way, the user can choose if he/she wants to view he pic.

    Now the bummer of this route is that I have to find some iOS app that will let me easily make the images I want to use on my blog a smaller size. If there was a way Wordpress iOS app (and the Wordpress self-installed blog site in general) could do it, that would be awesome and would save me a step. I would just be able to upload my pic and the app would know to make a up to 400px size version on the original to use on the site and then link to the original. Making something ultimately like this:

    /wp-content/uploads/yyyy/mm/image.jpg"><img src="http://<site>/wp-content/uploads/yyyy/mm/image-400px.jpg" alt="image-400px.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" />

  3. srizvi1,

    If I am understanding you correctly, this can actually be achieved within the functions file of your theme. You just need to define what thumbnail sizes you want generated and then set the default size. Also, when inserting a picture, it will give you the option of small, medium, large, original, or custom. If the iPad app works similar to the website, it will upload the full-size image and then show whichever size you select in the post.

    That said, being able to edit media and upload multiple images at a time is absolutely necessary.

  4. Thanks for the reply. Let me talk to my site developer to see if we have the default size defined. Then I will try uploading from my iPad and iPhone 4s to see if it works. The runaround solution I had thought of was to buy filters form which lets you resize pics and then make two versions of the pic I want to upload to the site. Then just upload both and play around with the code that's generated post upload to make it so the smaller one points to the original size one.

  5. Starverte:

    Why about uploading multiple images in one fell swoop?

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