Uploaded video's don't work in most browsers and are rotated

  1. Hi, I've been using the Wordpress app some weeks now and managed to get it to work pretty well. I think there is a lot to makie it better, but that's for later worries.

    There's just 1 thing i can;t get to work. I would just upload a video to bij self-hosted blog. The uploading works, but the video isn't shown on most computers/browsers because they do not support .mov files. On my own computer i have a codec installed, so it does work, but in that case the video is rotated and the video is played on it's side.

    Is there anyone who knows a simple way to make this work, so i can just upload my video and everybode can watch it? For example some sort of plugin that makes the mov file watchable for everybody without needing a codec installed?

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