Uploaded video is black

  1. Weird, it's showing with an incorrect rotation here, but playing. I'll try to give it a test on a Windows install

  2. Works for me on Chrome for Windows. Tried IE10, but I can't get any video to play on IE10, not even their own tests :(

  3. Well, I think I may have missed something here with my testing. :-(

    I tried a different machine, and found that Chrome 24 on Vista does play the video -- although rotated sideways, as you were seeing. It doesn't, however, play in Firefox or IE9. I don't know why my Win7 machine isn't playing it -- I tried disabling all plug-ins and extensions. But anyway, that's a problem on my machine.

    I guess the remaining question is still how to get the uploaded video to display in Firefox, IE, and Opera. (and how to get it to be rotated correctly) At least I've got it working in two browsers now. :-)

  4. My IE10 on Windows 8 doesn't seem to play any HTML5 video I could find to test, so I don't know what's the deal with that.

    It seems that Firefox is getting H.264 support soon, so that's good,20012.html

    In the meantime:

    - There is a setting in the app to embed the video using html4, but I think that requires users to have QuickTime installed, so it might be even less compatible
    - You could try using some sort of flash player, there are a few plugins at but I haven't tried any of them, and I'm not sure how they'd integrate with the mobile apps
    - Or use youtube/vimeo/... for greater compatibility.

  5. Yeah, I tried the HTML4 option also, and it fixed some things but had issues of its own.

    I'm disappointed that all of this has to be so hard, but maybe videos on the web are in a transition state now. Hopefully we'll see some standardization and improvements in the future.

    In the meantime, I'll give up and go back to YouTube and Vimeo, as you suggested. They seem to take care of the video format, the html, and the browser compatibility, and the iPhone now has integrated support for YouTube in the built-in Photos app. I can upload the video, paste the bare URL into a post using the Wordpress app, and the video player is created automatically by Wordpress when the user views the post. Nice and easy.

    Thanks for looking into it, anyway.

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