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  1. I have a client who is willing to pay money to see this happen.

    The problem is that currently you have to select images one-at-time to upload images using the WordPress iOS app. Try uploading a 50-image album like that.

    I know that iOS isn't all that great at allowing people to select multiple images. However in the Cameral Roll, you can hit "Edit" and then select multiple.

    All that needs to happen is that after selecting the images, when you click the "Share Via" button, the WordPress app shows up in the list of apps to share with (currently facebook, iCloud and Instagram show up).

    This already works on Android, and I don't think I'm the only one begging to see it on iOS.

    Oh and, there is a cash prize being put on the table.

  2. Not only welcome, but also remunerated by my client if successful.

    To all iOS WP devs out there: please reach out to me if you have created such a patch (or plan to).

  3. Bulk Image Uploader for Wordpress, in the App Store, is a good work-around.

    I have no relationship to the developer. I found this yesterday after months of frustration trying to upload images for galleries to my travel blog while on the road using my iPad. Tired it today and it worked well. I haven't used the watermark feature, just the upload. Quick, clean interface.

    This should be part of the Wordpress ios app.

  4. Thanks roysmyth,

    I'll test that out!

    It would be amazing to have this functionality integrated indeed. I've been uploading bulk no problem via Android.... ;-)


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