Unable to upload or send CONTACT US message

  1. I typed a brief post on my phone tonight and tried to save a draft. I got, "An error occurred while saving." Closed the app, tried again. Now it just says "Upload Failed." Tried to send a message via the HELP & SUPPORT menu, and that wouldn't send either. The phone is Internet connected and I've tried on multiple networks. Also tried to copy the text of my post into the Notes app so I could re-post from my laptop, and the text would copy by not paste. So basically the app cannot be used for posting or composing at all.

    Version 12.3 of the app on an iPhone 8 Plus with IOS 12.2.

  2. Hi swilson1965,

    That doesn't sound too good! We'd love to take a closer look into this with you. It sounds like there may be a connection problem between the app and your site. If you're unable to reach help and support through the app you can email us at

    Please make sure to include the address of your website in your message so that we can take a look and troubleshoot.

    As for the copy pasting situation, this is an issue we are aware of and a fix has been created for it. You can expect to see this fix in the next release of the WordPress for iOS App.

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