Unable to log in on the iOs App

  1. Hi,

    I just downloaded the app 3 days ago because i'm going to start a big trip in Asia for my Blog.

    I'm trying since few days to log in but the app tells me my login or password is not the right one. But, i'm able to connect to wordpress via safari so I know my login information are right...

    Any help please ? I'm leaving in 3 days..

  2. HI MadmlleC,

    Are you logging into a self-hosted blog or to a blog hosted at There is a different sign in screen for each and I'm wondering if maybe you're entering your credentials in the wrong one?

    The default is to sign-in to, but you can switch to the self-hosted login by tapping the link in the lower part of the sign in screen. You'll know you're on the self-hosted sign in screen because it will ask for the URL of your blog.

    Hope this helps!

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