Unable to find XML-RPC endpoint (self-signed SSL cert, WP login protected site)

  1. We have a WordPress powered site that shows the wp-login.php page to users that are not currently logged in. The wp-login.php page does not include the link rel="EditURI" by default, so I added this using the login_head action and confirmed that it appears in the HTML source and is the correct URL.

    WordPress is installed in a sub-directory, and is running 2.9-rare (trunk)

    I have tried entering the following into the iPhone 2.0 app:

    I cannot get it to locate the XML-RPC endpoint.

    Is there a debug or advanced setting I could use to explicitly give it the XML-RPC endpoint and tell it to accept the self-signed certificate?

    Any other suggestions?

    I am happy to provide the actual URL of the site, etc. to developers directly for testing and debugging purposes.


  2. Also, let me know if there is a bug tracker that would be a more appropriate place to post this, thanks.

  3. I am having the same issue. So far, WP for iPhone is completely useless. I hope someone can fix the issue, since when working, this is a handy tool.

  4. Tickets can be filed in the iphone app trac site -

  5. I tried something and it worked!

    my blog address is: 'https:/'.

    Instead of this, I just entered this: '' and now it is working! :-)

    Hope this helps someone else....

  6. I just tried codewrangler’s suggestion with my site by dropping the ‘http://www.’ and my site worked. Yay. Go codewrangler.

  7. Thanks Joseph. I found a similar issue already posted there and added a link to my use case here.

    Perhaps a link to the trac instance could be added to the FAQ?

  8. Not including http://www. worked for me, too. Thank you.
    WP2 doesn't like the fact that I've turned comments off on my blog.

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