Unable to connect self hosted site in iOS app

  1. Hello Team,

    When I am trying to connect my URL on iOS mobile app it's showing this error.

    " Couldn't connect. Required XML-RPC methods are missing on the server."

    But while opening my site URL as "" it's showing this output.
    XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.

    Is everything OK with my configuration? or I need to install any new plugin? Please suggest.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. OMG I am having the exact same issue. I talked to my host (BlueHost) and they assured me it was a wordpress issue. They claimed that since I have a multisite, the wordpress app doesn't like that and automatically deletes the XML file (doesn't matter I've been using it for 10 years with no issues and they just completed a big PHP migration).

    I am emailing wordpress mobile support, but wanted to post here as well.

  3. FYI

    Long story short, a reinstall of wordpress from the dashboard fixed this immediately.

  4. @anandgiddani I used the tool at and entered and it returned the following error:

    parse error. not well formed

    I found a similar-sounding (so no guarantees it's exactly the same issue without more investigation) at and now I'm wondering if there are any issues with the file having been modified or changed inadvertently in some way to result in the broken connection in this case. It's difficult to say for sure without more in-depth investigation though which the WordPress support team usually will encourage you to go to your hosting provider for support. It's tricky though, especially if a third-party plugin is the source of the problem (which is one common case for this type of problem).

    Would you be able to provide a list of currently active plugins on your site? (I'd be curious to have a look!)

    One commonly suggested way to diagnose a problem around XML-RPC is to advise temporarily deactivating all plugins, clearing any server-side cache if you have any running, and trying the connection again (the tool can help with that too). If the connection works at that point, then you turn each plugin back on one by one and test after each one is enabled—this is part of the work it takes to manage an open source software that has third-party code in use. I would suggest doing this test if you feel comfortable to try it!

    Another thing you could do is take a screenshot of the error and *right after* grab a copy of the logs in the My Site > Profile > Help & Support > Application logs then send them in using the contact form in the Help & support section of the app and the support team for the app can try to have a look to see there is anything helpful in the logs that could pinpoint the problem for you. However, if the problem is on the server side, the error may be fairly generic and not helpful. This is partly because the app is limited to what information the server provides and if a server-side security measure or a security plugin is the cause of a conflict they may err on the side of caution. In these cases, it is often a security plugin that blocks repeated use of the XML-RPC protocol in an effort to make a site more secure without taking into account that a mobile app will likely look like a security threat according to the way they've coded their plugin. Another potential problem would be rate-limiting by the hosting provider as the app does make a decent number of requests and there are often server-side security rules that will limit or even block the source of the requests and therefore inadvertently block the app from working. It can be a delicate balance and can be tricky to navigate the different potential causes for XML-RPC errors.

    In your case, I think temporarily deactivating any plugins that seem like they could be the culprit of a conflict, such as a security plugin, would be a good place to check next.

    (internal reference: PCYsg-4q9-p2)

    @hudson2001 nice find! May I ask a question about your reinstall in case it helps others? Did you reinstall the same exact version over the top of the existing version and was it WP 5.5.1? Was it just a matter of clicking a button in your case?

  5. It was just a matter of clicking the reinstall button. Yes, 5.5.1.

  6. Thanks so much for the follow-up!

    For the record, I think a re-install would also fix the issue described in but the issue could come back if a plugin (or something else) modifies that file again.

    @anandgiddani you might want to give reinstalling a try!

  7. @hudson2001 @designsimply Thank you for your suggestions. Is it safe to reinstall? will I need to take any backups of my current WordPress because I have added new posts and I don't want to vanish them.

    Do I need to reinstall all plugins after WordPress reinstall?

  8. I had a recent backup just as a precaution but otherwise didn't do anything special. I hadn't turned off any plugins.

  9. I just reinstalled but my issue still exists. :-(

  10. Hey, It just got resolved. php-xml package was missing on my server. I installed it now it's connecting to the iOS app. Thanks, guys.

  11. Hi there!

    I'm glad to hear you were able to get this resolved. Thanks for sharing what worked for you!


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