Troubles with wordpress on ipad

  1. Hi there.
    Not sure if this is the right address but I'll give it a shot. I bought an ipad mini 3 months ago wanting to get rid of my computer. I use it for different purposes but I mostly have problems with my blog. I'm traveling for a year and was hoping this would save me some time. In fact it made a lot frustration.

    Firstly I use WP app where I can edit text perfectly, the tab (flashing line?-sorry, English is not my first language :) ) works but I can't insert pictures because my partner uploads them to the blog library because I don't have access (I want to edit Title and Citation of the pictures also).

    Then I use WP on the web. This, for me, is a nightmare :)
    Sometimes the menu doesn't show up so I need to turn the ipad for 90deg. Toolbar gets stuck somewhere in the middle and hides the text when I move down. I have a couple of tries of good edits of the text before the tab starts to jump in the beginning of the text. Then I have to Save draft and it's ok, for the next couple of tries. My posts have 12 updates just because I can't get the tab in the text where I want to. When I insert pictures, the form breaks (sometimes) and I have to move the ipad.
    Sometimes the text from WP app doesn't show on the web (one chunk is missing).

    So I'm using the app, web WP and my partner has to help me with his computer if I can't get it to work. And I thought blogging is easy :)

    Please help.

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