Trouble getting WP 2.6.1 going

  1. Hello...
    My name is Rickard and i have this problem that makes me think i've gotta be the most stupid person roaming this planet.
    I have an iPhone4 and i can't find out how the **ll to set the WP app up to get it going.
    I've searched the forums and the web for answers to "how to". But so far i've found zip, zero and nothing that have helped me.
    The url to my blogg is
    When i fill in url and user and password all i get is "server error. requested method wp.getusersblogs does not exist."
    What i really would need is a simple step by step "this is how you set your WP app up"

    Hope someone can help me on this so i can get my blog going again...


  2. Hey there GarmFighter, it looks like you're using WordPress MU 1.2.4. Is that the case? If so, would it be possible for you to upgrade to the last version of MU? Or even better, upgrade to WordPress 3.1?

  3. Hi and thanks for the help...

    Now i'm updated and it works like a charm... :)

    Looking forward to next update.


  4. Glad to hear it! Thanks for letting me know.

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