Tired of losing my posts!

  1. I've been blogging on the road for a month now and enjoy the app when it works. But all too often I lose my post due to a number of various bugs. There are definitely multiple issues that occur when: connection is lost, photos are added, adding photos when the <!--more--> tag is used and more. As I am on the road I have little ability to file bugs and provide adequate feedback. What I want to do here is vent my frustration and propose a potential fix:

    Please add the ability to save a copy of a draft and/or do not delete the draft when it is published. Please don't assume that everything went ok, because too frequently it does not and my hard work is lost.


  2. Thanks for the feedback! And sorry for the frustration. This sounds like a very useful enhancement and I'm going to add it to the enhancements list.

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