Timestamp regression on update

  1. Since upgrading to 3.9 ...

    Every time I update a post, the timestamp gets reset to an earlier time. Update enough and it gets reset to an earlier day – this changes the URL and breaks retrospective links.

    Full documentation at

  2. Experiencing the same issue, although in my case the timestamp is being set into the future. I suspect that is because I am located in Australia. When I update a post, the timestamp for the post is being set to my phone's local time + 11 hours.

    For example, I just updated a live post on my site using the ios app and the app changed the post from live to being scheduled for publication in 11 hours. To get the post back up on my site I had to "schedule" it for 11 hours ago (i.e. I scheduled it for the current time in UTC).

  3. The issue with timestamps is a bug in 3.9 that is fixed in 3.9.1 which is being submitted to Apple very soon.
    For more info see the response to @mattarmstrong's github issue:

  4. not opening new thread.

    I have almost the same bug. Timestamp issues depending the time/geo location on earth :)

    When finishing writting a post, I get the button "publish now" pressed, but it always goes Scheduled to a time 1 hour later. So I never get my posts published immediately.

    Yesterday I tried a manual fix. I chose to publish my post 3 hours before the real time. Eventually it did work.

  5. Glad to see this bug has been handled, realized that WP iOS subtracts 8hours from anytime you schedule a post.

    Thanks :)

  6. I cant seem to edit the timestamp. I click on the published on.. edit link .. nothing happens.
    Anyone knows whats the problem?

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