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  1. Hello, for me everything works fine exept on thing. On my blog the time is correct, lets say 16:00. When I look at the app the time changed to 15:00, when I change the time to 16:00 and save the time at the app - my blog changes to 17:00 …

    Whay does the app set the time -1? I live in Gemany UTC -1, but the blog ist correct and the iphone time is on automatic and right.

    WP 3.1 and WordPress for iOS 2.7

  2. I'm having the same issue. I have a self hosted blog and the latest version of everything. In my case, I prevents posts from showing up since the time is in the future and word Tess thinks I'm deliberately delaying publication.

  3. Did you guys specifically set a time or did you just publish the post?

  4. I just published. I never needed to set the time before. This error is repeatable, happened again today... I was able to fix it by chaining the time after publishing.

  5. both

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