There is no 'add self hosted site' option on log into IOS app

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    I've been struggling with this for a couple of days and can't seem to find a solution that works. I downloaded the app to my phone and initially logged in with a free blog site on I now want to just use the hosted site i have created but there is no add self hosted site option anymore on login. It was there when i first downloaded the app. Do i need to delete the site in the app to get the option to reappear? Ive deleted and reinstalled the app which hasn't worked.


  2. Hi jgudalajtys,

    To add a self-hosted WordPress site on the app, head to My Site > Switch Site and tap "+" at the top. Then select "Add self-hosted site", enter the domain name (URL) of your site and login with your normal wp-admin username and password for that site.

    If your self-hosted site uses Jetpack, it should be connected to the same account you use for your free blog site on

    If you have trouble logging in still, please go to "Me > Help & Support" in the app and tap on "Contact us" so we can investigate it from there. Please make sure to include the address of your self-hosted site in your message so that we can take a look and troubleshoot this problem.

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