Them daunting Categories?

  1. I am absolutely confused!

    I have made my first post. I have created three categories. I check all of the categories, then click the Update button. I then click the Visit Site button. The post is fine. However all categories are shown, and in them are one item. All items are this same post!

    How do you commit a new category without posting to it?

    How do you commit a post to a category? I see no 'post to category' button or anything similar.

    I have tried unchecking all categories, then clicking the Update button. All of the categories become checked once more, and all of them link to this same post! FER PETE'S SAKE!

    I have disabled comments. However, the initial wordpress comment is available. How do I make this stop?

    This is terribly daunting. Getting this far has taken me hours (the terms and conditions, the Help, the navigation system, the FAQ....). All this stuff is too much stuff!

    Please help!

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